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Research topics of our Lab. are economic analysis on energy and environmental issues/policies.


Matsumoto Lab. has one staff and students. Students decide their research topics by themselves from environmental and energy issues.

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The research topics of Matsumoto Lab. are mainly climate change and energy issues and the related policies. We mainly use economic models, including computable general equilibrium models and agent-based models.


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CGE R. Seminar

The CGE (computable general equilibrium model) Research Seminar is held on an irregular base.

Information is here.

Major Updates

*My CV is updated occasionally

Apr. 1 2016: Matsumoto Lab. has moved to Nagasaki University

Apr. 1 2015: Updated the website

Oct. 27 2014: Our website renewed

Latest news

Sep 30, 2019: A paper published from Energies. 

Sep 29, 2019: Received Encourage Award from SEEPS

​Aug 13: Updated CV. Also, a paper published from Journal of Asian Economics

Apr 2: A paper published from Applied Energy

Dec 16: A paper published from Sustainability Science 

*Other news are on the FB page.

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