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The news of our Lab. are uploaded on the Facebook page.

Facebook page of Matsumoto Lab. is HERE
  • May 25: One paper published from Carbon Balance and Management
     (Open Access:
  • Apr 1: Promoted to Professor.
  • March 9: Talked at the kick-off symposium of the "WISE" program of Nagasaki University
  • February 15: A paper published from Journal of Cleaner Production (
  • December 16: A paper published from Sustainability Science (
  • December 12: A paper has been accepted by Journal of Cleaner Production
  • December 6: A paper has been accepted by Sustainability Science
  • December 6: A paper published from The Energy Journal (
  • October 27: A paper published from International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health(Open Access:
  • September 12: A paper from Energy Policy is now available online
  • September 10: Received the Encourage Award from Society of Environmental Science, Japan
  • September 7: A paper has been accepted by Energy Journal
  • August 24: A paper has been accepted by Energy Policy
  • July 25: A paper has been accepted by Applied Energy
  • July 9: A web article has been published from Science Trends 
  • June 10-13: Attending 41st IAEE International Conference (as a presenter) @ Groningen, the Netherlands
  • May 3-5: Attending 3rd HAEE International Conference (as a presenter and a session chair) @ Athens, Greece
  • Apr 25: An article published from Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  • Apr 18: Invited presentation for the conference organized by ASPI in Washington D.C. 
  • Apr 1: An article accepted by Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
  • Apr 1: New academic year has started. We have 4 master students, 1 research student, 1 fourth-year student, and 3 third-year students. 
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